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When buying a property, consider the various aspects below; • CONDUCT A TITLE SEARCH After preliminary selection of the ideal property, ensuring that the property you intend to buy bears valid Title Deed is perhaps the most prudent course of action to begin with. After all, if the property’s' Title cannot be authenticated, none of the other superb merits matter at all. Conduct a Title search at the relevant lands office associated with the property you intend to buy. Hiring the services of a professional may be well worth it. A TITLE TO AVOID A lesser known fact is that you should aim to avoid buying properties that bear any title registered under the Government Land Act (Cap 280). A provision in the Act empowered the President (and subsequently by delegation, the Commissioner of Lands) to allocate what was previously public land – such as forestland, game parks or water catchment areas. Such lands may have - over periods of time found their way into private owner hands and into the buyers’ market. A possible adverse consequence at the present time, with acquiring such property is that financial institutions (Banks) may avoid holding such Title as security against a mortgage loan or any other funding.

Other factors to consider:

  • Building Site Approval. If you intend to build upon the property, find out if there are any restrictions or regulations governing the type of building you may errect. You might need to consult the county’s land authorities and/or a local association such as is the case when buying into a Gated Community.
  • Water. Does the site have adequate access to water? If inaccessible to piped water, how deep might you have to drill to access it? What is the flow rate of the well? Do you have rights to surface water?
  • Proximity. Find out proximity to the needed resources, for instance – shopping, schools, medical facilities etc
  • Utilities. What is the access to utilities? Find out if you have near access to requirements and utilities that you may need e.g. electricity or power lines.
  • Attractiveness and ease. Does the land feel right in your heart? Find out if the land you are planning to buy feels ok for you before you buy.
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