Diaspora Purchase Guide

Acquiring real estate in Kenya while residing abroad may initially seem intricate, but with the support of our experienced team, the process becomes remarkably straightforward. Additionally, it can be a lucrative endeavor, taking advantage of foreign exchange benefits. Our simplified steps for diaspora purchases are as follows:

  1. Select Your Ideal Property:
    Browse through our list of properties and identify the one that captures your interest.

  2. Virtual Site Visit Option:
    If you are unable to visit the property in person, you can arrange for a representative to conduct a site visit on your behalf.

  3. Provide Necessary Documentation:
    Upon selecting a property, specify the preferred name(s) for the official records and title deed. Submit your/buyer’s ID, PIN Certificate, and three passport-size photos.

  4. Offer Letter and Sales Agreement:
    Receive the offer letter and complete the sales agreement, ensuring that the terms align with your budget and the agreed-upon payment schedule.

  5. Title Transfer Process:
    The title transfer process is scheduled to finalize concurrently with your settlement of the final installment payment.

  6. Title Deed Collection:
    Your Title Deed will be securely held at our offices for your convenient collection or dispatched to your current address via a registered document courier.

Explore our Currently Featured Property:

  • Prime residential plots in a gated community
  • 1/8th acre in Ruiru – Kamakis
  • 10% Deposit  |  12-month installments
  • Ksh 1.36M  |  US$ 8,869  |  GBP 7,027 (approximations based on exchange rates in December 2023)

Ready to embark on your diaspora property ownership journey? Book a  site visit to our featured property today.

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